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5 Tips to Help Kick-Off Spring Cleaning + Downloadable Checklists

5 Tips to Help Kick-Off Spring Cleaning + Downloadable Checklists With the temperature starting to warm up it means we are inching closer and closer to springtime. Which means it’s almost time to break out the cleaning supplies and a fresh donation bag. Spring cleaning can be overwhelming for new homeowners/renters, but don’t worry, we have provided some basic tips to help get you started...

Newborn Safety Checklist for First-Time Parents

After the birth of a first child, many new parents are struck by the awesome responsibility they have just taken on. Newborn babies are completely dependent on their parents and caregivers to protect and nurture them. In keeping with Baby Safety Month in September, the following checklist can help first-time parents keep their newborns safe. Infant Safety Checklist Always support the baby’s head. A newborn’s...

Quick Exercises for Busy Lifestyles

ORIGINALLY POSTED BY INSURANCE NEIGHBOR ON FEBRUARY 25, 2021 We all know we need exercise to look and feel better. But it can be difficult (or seemingly impossible) to fit into a busy lifestyle. Here are some ways to get your body moving, no matter how hectic your schedule may be. Move Around While You Talk On the Phone Pick up the phone instead of...

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