Commercial Insurance

Here at Trutela Insurance, our experienced team knows the importance of properly covering your business in case of unexpected circumstances. Your business is your livelihood, and making sure that every aspect of it is fully insured protects your company and yourself. Our agents take pride in assessing your commercial insurance needs according to your personnel, operations, and how you’re growing. We take the time to discover the different exposures your business has and put together the necessary policies in a comprehensive protection plan. Look over the most common commercial insurance policies described below to see which policies you may need for your business. Don’t forget that we represent over 25 A-rated companies to get you the best products available. When you’re ready to build your custom-tailored insurance strategy, contact us for a free consultation.

General Liability

Protect your customers from injuries, damaged personal property, and defective products with General Liability insurance. A General Liability policy shields your company from lawsuits and takes care of clients in the event of an accident, either on your property or due to your products. The right amount of coverage ensures that you properly protect your business and your customers.

Commercial Property

Protecting your property, including your equipment and inventory in the building and the building itself, is a crucial aspect of running your business. Whether you own and operate out of your commercial property, rent it out to others, or rent from a landlord, you can secure your business location with Commercial Property Insurance. Your business personal property will also be protected from damage and theft.

Commercial Auto

Just like you protect your vehicle and other drivers through a personal auto policy, Commercial Auto Insurance covers the vehicles necessary to operate your business. Whether they’re company-owned vehicles, rental vehicles, or vehicles owned and used by your employees for business purposes, we can build the right commercial auto policy for the needs of your company.

Workers Compensation

In case of a workplace accident, your employees will be covered under Workers Compensation. Whether employees are on the premises, driving for the company, or performing any other duty while on the clock, a Workers Compensation policy will protect employees from accidents resulting in bodily harm.

Builder’s Risk

Renovating is an increasingly popular alternative to new construction, and both need to be insured in a special way. A Builder’s Risk policy insures your project while it’s being built. Renovating your own home, flipping houses, and new construction all require a Builder’s Risk policy to protect the property while it’s under construction.

Commercial Umbrella

Excess liability coverage is available through a Commercial Umbrella policy. This will cover you in case you need to make a claim that exceeds your limits under your other policies, including General Liability, Commercial Property, and Commercial Auto. In the event of an accident where the amount of damage is greater than the amount of coverage you have in your other policies, an umbrella policy will protect you.

Inland Marine

Many businesses have property that is transported from job site to job site. Guard this equipment from damage and theft while it’s in transit and while you and your employees use it to complete jobs onsite with Inland Marine Insurance. This can be an extension of your General Liability insurance, or it can be its own policy.