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Category: Tips For Homeowners

5 Tips to Help Kick-Off Spring Cleaning + Downloadable Checklists

5 Tips to Help Kick-Off Spring Cleaning + Downloadable Checklists With the temperature starting to warm up it means we are inching closer and closer to springtime. Which means it’s almost time to break out the cleaning supplies and a fresh donation bag. Spring cleaning can be overwhelming for new homeowners/renters, but don’t worry, we have provided some basic tips to help get you started...

Texas Power Outage: Here's how to Stay Safe in Freezing Temperatures

Millions of people are without heat and electricity during severe winter storms due to a Texas power outage. Freezing temperatures, snow, and ice triggered a “catastrophic failure” of the state’s power grid, the Houston Chronicle reported, leaving more than 4 million people without power across the state in the midst of extremely cold temperatures. Natural gas shortages, frozen wind turbines, and people using more energy...

The Best Kinds of Wood For Indoor Fireplaces

The Best Kinds of Wood for Indoor Fireplaces (and a Few to Never Burn Indoors) By Steven John October 5, 2020 The days grow shorter, the nights longer, leaves change hue then finally fall, lots of amazing seasonal beers (and ciders) hit store shelves, and the scent of woodsmoke drifts from a neighbor’s chimney down the road. Autumn has come. And about damn time —...

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